Except the old heating equipments,there are more and more new residential constructions containers hearth installation.Because using fireplaces & stoves during the winter is a great way to supplement our central heating system and add atmosphere to our home.

There are many different types of stoves in the market,such as wood stove,gas stove,pellet stove,electric stove,etc.To choose a suitable stove is very important,the stove manitenance is also very important and necessary to keep our stoves functioning properly and safely.If you’re using a wood buring stove,here are some suggestion to improve your own stove maintenance.
1.Choose the right fuel.
Using the wrong fuel can lead to serious buildup and difficulty in cleaning.Do not burn driftwood,trash,treated wood,artificial logs,or any product containing zinc,sulfur,lead,or plastics as they will damage the catalytic combustor.Burning trash in a wood stove is dangerous for its potential to start a chimney fire,and also because the trash could contain plastics or other elements which emit harmful gases.
Burning the seasoned wood is best choice for your wood stove,it will release maximum heat,cause less creosote,and economy.Avoid burning green,unseasoned wood which may contains too many moisture and needs to be burned off before the heat can reach your house.
2.Use a stove thermometer
Install a stove thermometer on the flue of your stove,it will monitor gases leaving the stove,and let you know the stove efficiency and control the pollution caused by wood burning. The optimum operation temperature range of wood stoves are 300-400ºC. A stove thermometer also can help to protect the heat powered stove fan overheating if there is a stove fan on your stove top.The maximum operation temperature of stove top fan (from smartstovefan.com) is 350ºC(662ºF).
3.Professional Chimney Cleaning
If you’re using a wood stove,schedule an annual chimney sweep for either the end of fall,or right before winter.a professional stove dealer or chimney sweep will help prevent the possibility of fire and dangerous fumes.They should check for all signs of deterioration such as cracks, leaks, warping, baffle gaps, and creosote in the chimney and check all stove components to make sure everything is in good working order.

Before winter coming,check if you’re ready,the stove fan which mentioned above is also recommended to bring you more benifits.

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