Without a stove fan,heats from stove rising up to ceiling directly and concentrate in top space of the room,we may still feel cold or heat up very slowly,the stove can’t maximize its benifits,even burn more fuels.A stove fan can help us resolve this problem in a very efficient way.It well improved circulation of heats and make us feel warm more faster,with less fuel cost.The stove fan is very useful for us in cold winter.

The stove fans from Smartstovefan.com are heat powered stove fan,they worked with “Seebeck Effect”,use the temperature difference between its base and its cooling fins to generate electricity.Our stove fans start once the stove top temperature up to 50°C(122°F) ,so it’s also be called as stove top fan.The heat powered stove fan turn more and more faster as the stove top temperature rising.The optimum operation temperature range is 80-250°C(176°F-482°F).

As we know the stove fan should be placed on the top of the stove,but do you know where is the best position to place it? Direct placed in front of the stove or the stove pipe is definitely the wrong way to use it.The stove top fan should placed on the back or side of the stove,which enables cool air flowing over the cooling fins.

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