As winter coming, a stove in house became very important, it’s not only a decoration, but also heat your home in a comfortable way.

But there is still a problem. The warm air from stove rise up into ceiling directly and keep in the top location,actually it’s hard for us to feel warm enough even if we’re sitting in a room with burning stove,especially in big room or a little far away from fireplaces.

A heat powered stove fan helps to resolve this’s also called smart stove fan,because it is self-powered using the heat from the stove and therefore don’t need additional electricity and batteries.As the stove heats up the fan automatically start to work,warm air created from the stove is moved towards the center of the room instead of simply rising to the ceiling.This improves the circulation of heats and make the entire room warm and comfortable.

The stove fan is very easy to install,just put it on the top of the burning stove(so we also called it stove top fan),then it will be start to work when the stove heats up to 50ºC and it runs faster the hotter it gets.The fan speed reduces and stops as the stove temperature falls,we don’t need to thinking about when to turn it off by ourselves.isn’t it very smart and helpful?

21Aug 2015

Except the old heating equipments,there are more and more new residential constructions containers hearth installation.Because using fireplaces & stoves during the winter is a great way to supplement our central heating system and add atmosphere to our home. There are many different types of stoves in the market,such as wood stove,gas stove,pellet stove,electric stove,etc.To choose […]

19Aug 2015

Without a stove fan,heats from stove rising up to ceiling directly and concentrate in top space of the room,we may still feel cold or heat up very slowly,the stove can’t maximize its benifits,even burn more fuels.A stove fan can help us resolve this problem in a very efficient way.It well improved circulation of heats and […]

14Aug 2015

If there is already a heat powered stove fan on the stove top of your room,Congratulate,you made a good choice.The stove fan absolutely bring you more warmth through winter,and also saving your costs. But to operate a stove fan,you need pay attention to some points.Here are some safety tips for your reference: DANGER: While in […]

12Aug 2015

As we known,a heat powered stove fan is very useful in winter,it helps maximum energy of stoves and saving cost.Furthermore,the stove fan is very easy to operation.Here are some instructions for users: 1. Take the Stove Fan from the packaging carefully,be sure to position the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stove […]

05Aug 2015

A stove fan can efficiently improve heat circulation of stoves and fireplaces in our rooms,provide us more comfortable environment in cold winter.But how to maximize the energy of stoves with a heat powered stove fan,we should know how to choose the most suitable stove fan. Firstly,check if the height of the stove top fan is […]

25Jul 2015

Stove heating is a traditional way,but also be one of the most popular modern lifestyle.Do have fireplaces installed even become a reference condition for people to choice their house. The survey shows that sales of wood stove are up 55% over last year in America, and pellet stoves are up 135%.This is really a good […]

13Jul 2015

Small The stove fans are made with aluminum material,each only 0.5-0.65kg weight.The blades diameter is 13*7.5cm,height 19-21cm.It’s very small,easy to install,no space occupation,just put on the top of the stove,it will start to work by heat of the stove. Smart The heat powered stove fan working in the principle of Seebeck effect. It has a […]

01Jul 2015

There are many good international trade fair for fireplaces,stoves and related fireplaces accessories every years. The 11TH international FIREPLACES SALON were successful closed on 29th Mar 2015.It was held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo Center,lasted for three days.This Fair was been qualified as the most perspective and successful project in the fireplace industry in […]

23Jun 2015

The Seebeck effect is named after the Baltic German physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck.It is the conversion of temperature differences directly into electricity.In 1821,Seebeck discovered that a compass needle would be deflected by a closed loop formed by two different metals joined in two places, with a temperature difference between the junctions. This was because the […]