There are many good international trade fair for fireplaces,stoves and related fireplaces accessories every years.

The 11TH international FIREPLACES SALON were successful closed on 29th Mar 2015.It was held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo Center,lasted for three days.This Fair was been qualified as the most perspective and successful project in the fireplace industry in Russia.

FIREPLACES SALON is the only professional fireplaces exhibition in Russia.The show held one time each year.There are many good products displayed on fair,such as traditional wood-burning fireplaces and stoves,electric and gas fireplaces; bio fireplaces,heating and cooking stoves,fireplaces accessories,heat powered stove fan,heating equipments,etc.

The exhibitors are from United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Germany, Finland, Greece,Poland,Hungary,Czech Republic,etc.On this Fireplaces Fair,we can see many famous brands,such as Domotechnika,ART-TON Kaminy,EcoKamin,Grey Factory, Tulikivi,Flambis,Interflame,Kratki,Pl Marek Bal,M-Design,Prospekt,Globalkamin, Poesia ognya(White Guard),Nibe,Ditron,RealFlame,Belfort Kamin,Schiedel, InterFlame,Prospekt,Totem,etc.

If you had missed this giant feast,it’s a pity,but no problem,let us look forward to the 12th FIREPLACE SALON on 23-26th Mar,2016 at the same place.

Next year,you will see our stove fan at the fair,hope we can see more good items.

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