As we known,a heat powered stove fan is very useful in winter,it helps maximum energy of stoves and saving cost.Furthermore,the stove fan is very easy to operation.Here are some instructions for users:

1. Take the Stove Fan from the packaging carefully,be sure to position the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stove top,the optimum area is near the side or back of the stove where cool air will be drawn from behind and over the cooling fins.Direct placement in front of the stove pipe or at the front of the stove is not effective way to use the stove fan.

2. The top section of the fan can not be touching any hot surface.

3.The stove fan is designed for use on freestanding stoves with surface temperatures between 50ºC-350ºC (122ºF-662ºF),the optimum operating temperature range is 80ºC-250ºC (176ºF-482ºF).

4. At the base of fan,there is a Bi-Metallic strip which is a safety device to protect the motor overheating when the stove top temperature exceeds 250ºC (482ºF).

5.The fan can be worked on all stoves when the stove top surface temperature lower than 350ºC(662ºF),if exceeding this range may cause damage to the components. We suggest use a stove thermometer at the same time.

6.The stove top fan start to work automatically when the stove top temperature up to 50ºC(122ºF),and turn more and more faster when temperature increased.It will slow down and stop gradually if the fuel burned out and the stove fan cooling down.

The above are some use guide for our heat powered stove fan model N429,we also have other models which almost can refer to this instruction.For more details, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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