If there is already a heat powered stove fan on the stove top of your room,Congratulate,you made a good choice.The stove fan absolutely bring you more warmth through winter,and also saving your costs. But to operate a stove fan,you need pay attention to some points.Here are some safety tips for your reference:

  • DANGER: While in use,the base of the stove fan is very hot,DO NOT TOUCH!
  • Never place the stove fan on an unprotected surface as it could potentially damage the surface if the stove fan base is still hot.
  • It’s not recommended to move the stove top fan when in use unless in an emergency like the stove is on fire.On this occasion,please remember to wear gloves to protect against burns or injury by contact with the the rotating blades.
  • Keep all obstacles at a distance while the stove fan in use,to avoid any damage to the heat powered stove fan or other items.
  • Please ensure children and pets are supervised around your stove and the eco fan.

With Viola smart stove fan,be warm,be safe,be comfortable!

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