GALAFIRE 2017 New Arrival 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan Bravo B630


This new model 3 blades heat powered stove fan GALAFIRE Bravo B630 will be launched before Christmas 2017. It’s our Generation V model,we improved the structure to maximized its efficiency.

1) The length of the base is inscreased to 13cm,width to 7.5cm,but height is reduced to 4.3cm,this makes a more faster and better thermal conductivity on the bottom of the fan;

2)The traditional cooling fin is branched shape,for this new fan,we use a larger turbine-type cooling fin,and metal wiredrawing craft which increasing 25% specific surface area of the cooling fin,makes a better heat dispersion capacity on the top of the fan,such design also looks more stylish and attractive.

The larger temperature difference between the bottom and top is highly improve its efficiency of heat circulation,you can feel the room warm up more fastly,with more fuel saving.

The great heat dispersion capacity of the cooling fin makes the top of the fan really low temperature,so it’s safe enough for hand touchable.Without a metal handle,the fan looks neater.

  • Circulates warm air throughout the room
  •  Self-powered by heat,adjust its speed by surface temperature
  • No electricity required,save cost
  • Circulate heat up to 300 cubic feet / minute
  • Start to work at low temperature 50°C(122°F)
  • Safe,its inbuilt protection system to stop them overheat
  • Maximizes efficiency of your stoves with 23% fuel saving
  • Whisper quiet,the noise<25db
  • Without metal handle
  • Easy operation,ready to use out of box
  • Eco-friendly,reduce emissions

Model #: B630

Material: Anodized Aluminum
Blade Color:Black

Product Dimension: Height 225mm ,Width 165mm
Base Dimenstion:130mm*75mm
N.W.: 0.61kg

Color Box Size: 18cm*12cm*24cm
Master Carton QTY:10PCS
Master Carton Size:68*38*26cm

Starting Temperature:50ºC(122ºF)
Maximum operating temperature 350ºC(662ºF)
Operating Range:80-250°C(176°F-482°F)
Air Flow:280-300 CFM
Starting Up Time (200ºC):28-50 Sec
Running RPM:>1250 RPM
Silent operation,the noise<25dB

Warranty:12 months