A stove fan can efficiently improve heat circulation of stoves and fireplaces in our rooms,provide us more comfortable environment in cold winter.But how to maximize the energy of stoves with a heat powered stove fan,we should know how to choose the most suitable stove fan.

Firstly,check if the height of the stove top fan is fit your stoves.We are supplying different sizes stove fans,for example,the height of Pro 4 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan N429 is 180mm,it’s compact designs.And the height of Classic 4 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan C457 is 210mm,you can choose the one more suitable for your stoves.

Secondly,check if maximum temperature of your stoves are in limits of the maximum operation temperature of the stove fan.Based on this point,we recommend you use a thermometer together with the stove fan to avoid any damage.But if you choose stove fans produced by Viola Technology,you don’t need to worry about this problem.Because the maximum operation temperature of our stove fans are up to 350ºC (662ºF),and their inbuilt protection system can stop the fan overheating.To consider the cost saving and safety,you can buy Viola smart stove fans.

Thirdly,check the airflow of the stove fans,because the heat circulation is mostly depends on airflow,if the stove fan is used in large room,may be you should better choose fan with larger airflow.We supplying heat powered stove fan with airflow 150-220CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute).For example,our Premium 2 blade Heat Powered Stove Fan P270 are with airflow 150-170CFM,and airflow of Pro 4 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan N429 and Classic 4 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan C457 are 200-220CFM.So if in small room,you can choose stove fan P270 with cheaper price. If in large room.I strongly recommend N429 and C457 stove fans.

There are different stove fans in current market,hope every family can buy the right fan fits their stoves and fireplaces with the least costs.The most suitable one is the best one.

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