The stove fans are made with aluminum material,each only 0.5-0.65kg weight.The blades diameter is 13*7.5cm,height 19-21cm.It’s very small,easy to install,no space occupation,just put on the top of the stove,it will start to work by heat of the stove.


The heat powered stove fan working in the principle of Seebeck effect. It has a thermoelectric device which can generate heat to electrical energy. They using the heat of the stoves to powered,no additional electricity and batteries are needed.The stove fan start to work when temperature up to 50ºC,and more hotter more faster.When the fuel burned up,temperature down,the stove fan will stop to work.So it’s automatic control instead of having to manually turn on and off. That’s why we also called it smart stove fan.


Most of electric fans making noise when used,sometimes this is really a annoying thing when you want a quiet environment to have a good rest.Our heat powered stove fans are fully quiet operation. The Noise <25dB when working,we nearly can’t hear the sound.The heat powered stove fan help to bring more heats with comfortable silent atmosphere.It can be used on stoves in study room,sitting room,bedroom,even baby’s room.


The stove fan is heat powered operation.No mains power and batteries needed,we don’t need worry about electricity safety problems.The operating temperature of our heat powered stove fans is 65~340ºC (149~644ºF),and have inbuilt protection system to stop them overheating.The stove fan is very safe for very family.

Save Cost

Firstly,the stove top fan is self-powered using the heat from the stove and therefore don’t need additional electricity and batteries.We don’t need to pay electric charges like other common electric fans. Secondly,the stove fan helps to circulate warm airs from stove to whole room space instead of rising to ceiling directly.It takes less fuel to heat our room,14% cost on fuels saving.Furthermore,it reduced emissions from burning less fuel,heat powered stove fan is a green product which can reduce our cost of pollution regulation.

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