Classic Two Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan C257

The Classic 2 blade heat powered wood stove fan C257 is our original style stove fan,and still popular in current market.It is used for circulate hot air from stove throughout the whole room,instead of rising to the ceiling and keeping in small area.It helps to increase the efficiency of fireplaces with less fuel.
The stove fan also been called as smart stove fan,because it’s self- powered by using the heat of the stove to operate,no additional electricity and batteries needed.When the temperature of the stove surface lower,it will slow down and stop itself.
The heat powered stove fan is apply to different freestanding stoves such as wood burning stove,and also gas stove,pellet stove,etc.It’s an ideal choice to bring every family more comfortable winter in economical way.
  • Circulates warm air throughout the room
  • Self-powered by heat,automatic control
  • Don’t need battery and extra power,cost saving
  • Compact design
  • Start to work at low temperature 60℃
  • Safe,its inbuilt protection system to stop them overheating
  • Maximises efficiency of stoves with fuel saving 14%
  • Silent operation,the Noise .Easy operation,ready to use out of box
  • The heat powered stove fan widely apply to almost all freestanding wood stoves,gas stoves,pellet stoves,etc
  • Eco-friendly,reduce emissions by wood burning stoves

Model #: C257

Material: Anodized Aluminum
Blade Color:Black,Golden,Silver,Coppery

Product Dimension: Height 210mm ,Width 205mm
Base Dimenstion:100mm*75mm
N.W.: 0.6kg
G.W.: 0.7kg

Color Box Size: 17cm*12.5cm*23cm
Master Carton QTY:12PCS
Master Carton Size:53*48*27cm

Starting Temperature:60ºC(140ºF)
Maximum operating temperature 350ºC(662ºF)
Operating Range:80-250°C(176°F-482°F)
Air Flow:200-220 CFM
Starting Up Time (200ºC):28-50 Sec
Running RPM:>700 RPM
Silent operation,the noise<25dB

Warranty:24 months